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Handling Appliances Properly

Appliances make our day-to-day lives more manageable. While appliances are advantageous, intricate parts crucial to the devices’ functionality are often fragile. This usually isn’t a problem when the appliances are stationary, but during situations like moves, the improper handling of appliances can result in damage and even loss of the appliance entirely. Moreover, cumbersome cords Read More

Benefits of Long-Distance Household Goods Truck Driving

If you are thinking about a job as a household goods (HHG) truck driver but have some questions about entering the field, you should be aware of all the unique benefits that being a trucker offers. Truck driving jobs come with various benefits that you can’t get from standard office jobs. We’re here to outline Read More

Shortage on Household Goods Truck Drivers & Moving Owner-Operators

America is currently experiencing a significant shortage of truck drivers. Truck driving has become a pivotal part of everyday life, so this shortage has the power to negatively affect delivery of goods and the economy. Household goods truck drivers and moving owner-operators are vital to efficient and practical delivery of goods. According to an article Read More

Truck Driver Safety Checklist

Driving a semi-truck is a lot different that driving a car, and there are a lot of safety precautions that truck drivers should take. If you want to become a truck driver, you’ll need to learn how to stay safe on the road to protect yourself and others while driving. Here are a few simple Read More

Trucking with Pets

You may have heard about the truck driver who was recently reunited with his beloved cat. The driver was under the impression that the feline jumped out of the truck window while the driver was sleeping at a rest stop. After looking everywhere for his furry companion, the driver eventually had to leave his dear Read More