trucking with a petYou may have heard about the truck driver who was recently reunited with his beloved cat. The driver was under the impression that the feline jumped out of the truck window while the driver was sleeping at a rest stop. After looking everywhere for his furry companion, the driver eventually had to leave his dear cat behind and keep driving. When he got to his next stop, he spotted a cat that looked just like his. He realized it was in fact his cat, and the tough feline survived clinging underneath his truck for the 400-mile drive. Another truck driver in Iowa was recently reunited with his pup. The man had a medical emergency while driving his truck, and he was taken away in an ambulance. Unfortunately, he had to leave his truck and fur-baby behind. The Cedar Bend Humane Society took care of the man’s dog for the time being, and soon after, two nurses picked up the canine to reunite him with his owner.

You might be surprised to discover that not only are there trucking companies that allow riders, but some trucking companies also allow pets to ride with their drivers. Having a pet riding along can provide truck drivers with a sense of companionship and ease during their drives, and there seems to be many happy endings if ever a pet happens to get lost. If you are a truck driver considering bringing your pet along during your truck driving travels, or if you already do, there are a few things you can do to make the journey a little easier for you and your pet.

1. Trucking Companies with Pet Policies

Check the truck driving company’s pet policies before you choose one to work for. While there are some trucking companies with rider and pet programs, some don’t allow pets. If you are absolutely adamant about brining your pet along for your rides, it’s understandable. Pets are family, and they need someone to take care of them just as you get solace from their companionship. Research trucking companies with rider and pet programs before you settle for a job that doesn’t allow pets. Some truck driving companies require some sort of compensation for pets, and it can often be a large fee. Before you choose a truck driving company that’s right for you and your furry friend, make sure it won’t cost you too much in the end. You should also be aware that some trucking companies with rider and pet programs have strict rules before you can bring your pet on the road. Before taking your pet for a ride in your truck, you should do the following.

  • Get your pet spayed or neutered.
  • Check the trucking company’s pet weight restrictions. Make sure the company allows for the weight of your pet.
  • Contact the trucking company so you get a clear idea of what their pet rules entail.
  • 2. Truck Safety Checklist

    You should basically childproof your truck for the safety of you, your pet and other drivers. Make sure that the driver’s side is blocked off somehow so your dog or cat can’t reach the steering wheel or pedals, and don’t let them sleep on the dashboard. You might already be familiar with this safety tip: Never leave your pet in a hot vehicle! Thankfully, some states have laws against leaving pets in hot vehicles, and officials have been cracking down on these neglectful pet owners. To protect your furry companion from the heat, take them outside or make sure your windows are rolled down and that your cat or dog’s leash is attached to something grounded that won’t allow them to get loose.

    3. Dog Supplies for Truck Drivers

    Make sure being on the road is a life your pet is okay with. If not, you may want to reconsider taking a pet along for the rides. If your pet enjoys the trucking lifestyle or is a born truck driving pet, you’ll need to accommodate for them during their truck rides with you. Bring along the following supplies for you dog, cat, or other critters.

    • Pet food
    • Water
    • Pet bowls or feeding trays
    • Toys!
    • Litter box or doggie bags
    • Blankets, pillows, and pet beds for nap time

    4. What Do Cats Do on a Truck?

    It’s obvious that so many dogs love car rides, but what about cats? Surprisingly, there are some cats who love taking rides in trucks, and trucking with a cat is more common than some may think. Sure, cats love napping and a truck is a perfect place for doing so, but your pets also need their daily dose of exercise and they’ll also need to make stops to do their business. Take your pet outside on a leash and harness, and play with them at your truck stops. Make sure they have ample time to run around and feel the fresh air. You can run with them while they’re on their leash, or you can use a long leash, tie it around something grounded, and play fetch with your pup or kitty. Make sure they have lots of toys to play with, and have fun with your furry friends!