All too often, many of us in the workforce become too accustomed to the same old routine at our job day in and day out, and truck driving jobs are no exception.  That’s why sometimes a change of pace is something to consider, especially if it’s an opportunity for a different position.  You may have the chance to learn some new skills, making yourself more well-rounded and an even more vital part of your company.

When it comes to truck driving jobs, many of our employees are interested in switching over from strictly freight driving to becoming a “bed bugger;” industry jargon for furniture or household goods drivers.  The switch to becoming a “bed bugger” comes with quite a few changes.  It’s a healthier job for one, as furniture and household goods moving tends to be a more physically demanding job.  It’s also a more social job, since you are really on the front lines interacting with the customer throughout the course of the move.

Furniture and household goods drivers do have the ability to make more money, as long as they continue to represent the company with esteem and professionalism, and doing all of the little things on each job that truly make a difference to the customer.  You have more independence in this role, so attention to detail is paramount.  One thing in particular that many household goods drivers like about the position, is that it really is a new job every day.  No two moves are ever the same.  As a furniture or household goods driver for us, you also meet your dispatcher face-to-face.  You are not just a number at this company.

At Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, one benefit that all of our truck drivers have whether you’re a freight driver or a “bed bugger,” is that you are truly a part of the team here.  Our office staff has experience out on the road, so we understand the job and we know what you’re going through each and every day.  So, if you are interested in becoming a furniture or household goods driver, or if you are interested in professional truck driving jobs at all, contact Stevens Worldwide Van Lines recruiter Jim Van Haaren at (989) 395-1809 or by email at [email protected].

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