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If you are thinking about a job as a household goods (HHG) truck driver but have some questions about entering the field, you should be aware of all the unique benefits that being a trucker offers. Truck driving jobs come with various benefits that you can’t get from standard office jobs. We’re here to outline 5 benefits of long-distance household goods truck driving to help answer your question, “Is truck driving a good career?” and offer some insight before taking up a new opportunity as a truck driver.

1. Truck Driving Jobs Get Better Than Average Pay

With the current shortage of trucker drivers in the United States, truck driving jobs are being offered at high pay rates. At entry level, you’ll likely receive an annual salary of $40,000 – $45,000. As you gain experience as a long-distance household goods truck driver, you can expect yearly raises and earn up to $100,000/years without the need for any degree!

2. Get Paid to Travel

An obvious benefit of long-distance household goods truck driving is being able to travel around the country while getting paid! Truck driving jobs give you the opportunity to explore different landscapes, attractions and indulge in local eats from state to state. A luxury few other jobs offer.

3. High Job Security in Truck Driving Careers

The truck driving industry always needs truck drivers so once you’ve accepted a job as a long-distance household goods truck driver, you’re secure. Layoffs are rare in the trucking industry especially after you’ve had a few years of truck driving experience as families will continue to move and require the services of long-distance household goods truck drivers.

4. Get Paid to Exercise on the Job

Being a trucker is more than just sitting and driving all day. Staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a truck driver is important. It’s easy to do so as a household goods truck driver since you can exercise on the job while getting paid for it! Household goods truck driving jobs require lifting boxes and furniture when unloading and loading the truck. As a truck driver, you can stay in shape without having to hit the gym and all while on the job!

5. Truck Driving Job Benefits, Bonuses and Awards

Many truck driving companies offer extra bonuses and awards on top of the above average salary. Bonuses can be given for safety records and longevity of employment. Trucking companies may also reward their truck drivers in the form of cash and paid incentives for customer satisfaction and low claims ratings.

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