There are few things more enticing for the working man than the idea of becoming your own boss, and you can do precisely that when you become a Professional Truck Driver. As a Professional Truck Driver, you are more than a driver. In fact, much more. Of course you are still in fact driving the household goods from origin to destination, but that is just the framework for what is a truly vital job in the relocation process.

For a Professional Truck Driver, you are on the front lines interacting with the customer, and the job starts as soon as you knock on their front door. It is the job of the Professional Truck Driver to make the moving process as easy as possible for the customer, so introducing yourself and your team to them is the first step toward helping them feel at ease. Communication is key for any move to be successful, so making yourself available and answering any questions is necessary as well. From there, good management is what can elevate a good moving crew to a world-class one, and that duty also falls to the Professional Truck Driver.

It’s no secret that once a move gets started, it can become disorganized in a hurry unless proper processes are followed. That begins with the Professional Truck Driver filling out and keeping a detailed copy of the inventory for the entire move. Each belonging being moved needs to be identified, tagged and recorded. Once everything has been transported to the new destination, the Truck Driver’s copy of the inventory needs to be checked as everything is unpacked, ensuring nothing has been lost or left behind. And of course, exercising extreme care when handling the customer’s goods and moving throughout the home to avoid any damage is paramount. As a Commercial Truck Driver, you set the tone and determine how each move is completed.

The responsibilities detailed here are just a few of the things that make a job as a Professional Truck Driver so important. It is a vital occupation, part of the lifeblood in the moving and storage industry, and Stevens Van Lines is looking for qualified and motivated individuals to join the team. For more information on how you can win big with a career as a Professional Truck Driver, contact Stevens Van Lines recruiter Jim Van Haaren at (989) 395-1809 or by email at [email protected].