As a professional truck driver, you’ve likely had to come up with your fair share of ways for coping with the challenges of working long hours on the road. Whether it’s having a spare change of clothes at all times or finding ways to fit a workout on the road into your schedule, truckers are masters at making the open road feel like home. But what’s home without a stock of food to eat? When you consider how many hours most truck drivers spend in their rigs, it can be difficult to imagine that they have many culinary options. However, if you’re a little inventive, there are many easy ways to store good food when you’re on the go. Here are three simple tips for storing food in your rig.

  • Perishable food items are usually best kept in some sort of refrigerated device. An ice chest, refrigerator or thermoelectric cooler are all great for storing meats (raw or cooked), dairy products (eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, etc.), produce and most prepared foods. However, not all drivers will have the ability or desire to hook up a refrigeration unit inside of their trucks. In this case, try to stick to foods that can easily and safely be stored inside of plastic sealable containers. These may include rice, cold cereal, popcorn, sunflower kernels, nuts, dry beans and dry peas just to name a few.

  • Canned Food for Truck Drivers

  • Canned foods can be great for some truckers as they don’t require much, if any, heating or preparation. It’s best to store metal cans and glass canning jars in a plastic container under the lower bunk. This limits their movement while driving and makes moving and managing them more convenient. Also, storing them under the bunk makes matters less complicated in the off-chance that any cans or jars become damaged.

  • The GoStak is a single small, lightweight, portable container that is made up of other smaller, stacked jars. These small compartments are perfect for storing small snack-like items such as nuts, fruit or trail mix and can store vitamins and supplements as well. Having one of these snack containers is a great way for truckers to get into the habit of eating better too. Since the GoStak is so small and easy to store and carry, having healthy snacks around is very convenient.

  • As professionals in the trucking industry, we always have to come up with new, inventive ways to adapt to the demands of our profession. Use these tips to help make life on the road just a little bit easier.

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