America is currently experiencing a significant shortage of truck drivers. Truck driving has become a pivotal part of everyday life, so this shortage has the power to negatively affect delivery of goods and the economy. Household goods truck drivers and moving owner-operators are vital to efficient and practical delivery of goods. According to an article from, if we continue to experience this lack of truck drivers, residents of the US could not only face delivery delays, but also higher prices due to rising demand. Moving van companies feel pressured to keep rates low, but increasing rates may become necessary if the high demand for household goods truck drivers and moving owner-operators continues.

Lack of Qualified Truck Drivers in the US

Aside from the shortage of truck drivers, the US is now also lacking qualified truck drivers according to an article from A number of strategies to bring in more truck drivers have been suggested by various relevant authorities. One suggestion is that truck driving companies increase wages for their drivers in order to draw interest to the truck driving trade. It’s also been suggested that authorities should work to implement a program which would allow individuals to receive their commercial driver’s license at a younger age in order to attract more potential drivers to the truck driving industry.

ELD Mandate Becomes a Concern for Truck Drivers

sleeping truck driver Truck drivers in the US now must follow the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate that was recently implemented. The law requires truck drivers, including household goods truck drivers and moving owner-operators, to keep an ELD in order to keep track of their hours and ensure that they are not exceeding the driving-hours limit. While some truck drivers feel that this is an invasion of privacy, the law was put in place in order to protect truck drivers and other drivers on the road alike from potential accidents.

Household Goods Truck Driving Benefits

Reasons for the shortage on truck driving vary. While truck driving requires long periods away from home and sitting all day long, there are also many benefits to truck driving. Advantages of truck driving as a career include but are not limited to:

  • Truck drivers often work independently.
  • They get to travel to new and interesting places.
  • Most moving van drivers receive an excellent wage, often over $100,000/year.
  • Most truck driving companies offer great benefits to employees.
  • They usually have flexible schedules.

Moving Van Drivers are Essential to Americans’ Quality of Life

No matter the reason for the shortage of moving van drivers, these professionals are needed in order to keep the American economy in high gear and continue prompt delivery of household goods for US residents. Be sure to remember all the positive aspects of truck driving if you’re considering a career as a professional moving owner-operator or household goods truck driver. Most truck drivers enjoy a sense of independence, control of their duties on the job and minimal interaction with their manager. Moving van drivers also commonly get paid an excellent salary for their work. There are many reasons behind why people might not be as interested in pursuing truck driving jobs nowadays, but the benefits outweigh any negative aspects of the job and there are still more drivers needed. Consider a career as a moving van owner-operator or a household goods truck driver if these benefits sound interesting to you and you would like to help minimize the lack of household goods truck drivers in the US.