The trucking industry generated $700 billion in revenue last year. This, in large part, is due to the quality of professional truck drivers who are skilled at safely delivering large shipments of goods nationwide. Freight trucking is an integral part of the U.S economy, and as we covered in our last post about large pay increases for drivers, the industry is shifting to meet the needs of an always-changing truckload market.

In an article for The Wall Street Journal titled “Startups Accelerate Efforts to Reinvent Trucking Industry”, Jack Nicas and Laura Stevens tell readers about a group of up-and-coming small businesses that are trying to become the “Uber of trucking.” 

According to the article, investors including Inc. Founder Jeff Bezos and Inc. Founder Marc Benioff are helping to bankroll startups that leverage truck drivers’ smartphones to connect them with clients looking to ship goods nearby. Two such companies are San Francisco-based Trucker Path Inc. and Seattle-based Convoy.

“Convoy, incorporated as Greypoint Inc., says it enables companies looking to ship goods locally to order a job on its website, get an instant price, and track the shipment in real time. Convoy sets the price, based on a formula,” writes Nicas and Stevens.

While companies like Convoy and Trucker Path represent the next wave of young upstarts vying to disrupt another well-established market, Jack Atkins, transportation analyst for investment bank Stephens Inc., says he thinks these companies will have a difficult time taking business away from industry mainstays.

“There are a lot of moving pieces, and I don’t see an app from a non-industry player—just given the complexities of the truckload market—really coming in and having a disruptive impact.”

Atkins and other analysts say these startups may prove successful in carrying out local shipments, but that those shipments represent just a fraction of the overall industry.

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