Trucker Loneliness

lonely road

Research shows that truck drivers are prone to feeling alone due to their job responsibilities. Truck driving requires little interaction with people, so some might say this is the job they’ve always dreamed of. Being able to work independently and not having to deal with anyone telling you what to do all day sounds idyllic, but driving all day and night can get lonely. Some truckers can’t stand when the loneliness hits, but can’t get another job due to lack of experience in other fields. Being alone on the road all day and night can cause drivers to become less communicative in normal social situations. For some people, though, the freedom of the job definitely trumps any fleeting feeling of isolation that might occasionally pass by.

Truck Driver Schedule

Driving on the open road all day and being able to relax in solitude sounds great, right? However, your truck driving schedule might not always work around your family and friends’ schedules. Not being able to visit your friends and family, and having a job where you work by yourself can become lonesome. That is one downside of the truck driving life, but not everyone will have matching timelines in other cases, too. Planning around your friends’ irregular work schedules is a normal part of life. There are so many other jobs that aren’t your typical 9 to 5, so plans do not easily fall into place as it is.

Reasons to Become a Truck Driver

Truck driving isn’t all bad. There are so many benefits to taking a job as a truck driver. One plus side to becoming a truck driver is independence in your career. There is little social interaction involved with truck driving, so if you’re an introvert, a job as a truck driver might be the perfect fit for you. Being alone doesn’t have to be negative. In fact, a lot of people would prefer to work independently and have some peace and quiet. You don’t have to deal with your boss constantly looking over your shoulder all day because you’ll be driving alone on the road. If you ever begin to feel isolated, there are some ways to combat the feeling of loneliness while fulfilling your duties as a truck driver:

  • Stay social with other truck drivers.
  • Call your loved ones every day.
  • Use technology (email, social media, etc.) to stay in touch with friends and family.
  • If you’re allowed, bring someone with you, like your spouse or a pet.
  • Take pics of the places you travel to and post them on social media.

scenic route

Aside from getting to work independently, there are so many more benefits to truck driving. Think about all of the areas you’ll get to drive to in one day. So many people wish that they can travel more, but their desk jobs are holding them back from doing so. When you’re a truck driver, you have a job that allows you to explore new places. Plus, you don’t have to be a college grad to truck drive. Truck driving jobs are generally easy to get, and they bring in good pay plus benefits. So before you dismiss the idea of becoming a truck driver because it can occasionally get lonely, remember that truck driving has its advantages and there are simple ways to combat trucker loneliness.

Truck Drivers Wanted

Until autonomous cars and trucks take over, businesses will always need truck drivers for transportation of goods. Truck driving jobs are in high demand, and the travel that comes along with it is priceless. It’s easy to qualify for a truck driving job, so if you like the idea of working independently and being on the road all day, go for it!