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Trucking with Pets

You may have heard about the truck driver who was recently reunited with his beloved cat. The driver was under the impression that the feline jumped out of the truck window while the driver was sleeping at a rest stop. After looking everywhere for his furry companion, the driver eventually had to leave his dear Read More

Truck Drivers Feel Freedom but Can Succumb to Loneliness

Trucker Loneliness Research shows that truck drivers are prone to feeling alone due to their job responsibilities. Truck driving requires little interaction with people, so some might say this is the job they’ve always dreamed of. Being able to work independently and not having to deal with anyone telling you what to do all day Read More

What to Know About the Safe Haven Rule for Truck Drivers

The Safe Haven parking rule applies to some trucks containing hazardous materials (hazmat). Hazardous materials include dangerous cargo such as explosive, poisonous or flammable materials. The Safe Havens are the acceptable areas where hazmat drivers can park and leave their vehicles unattended. It’s critical to follow the rules of attendance and surveillance of all trucks Read More

DOT Hours of Service Regulations are Changing Trucking

DOT Hours of Service If a transport professional is tired because they haven’t had enough rest, it can become a big problem for them and motorists they share the road with. Delivering shipments on time is important in the transportation industry, but being well rested is equally important. The FMCSA, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Read More

The FMCSA Mandate Requires Drivers to Use ELD

Electronic Logging Devices and the Trucking Industry Change is never easy, but with change comes new opportunities. The transportation industry is getting ready to shift to paperless tracking for its driver’s hours on the road. This change will replace the paper logs and will aim to take the guesswork out of clocking a driver’s HOS, Read More